Miko is a teacher of Salsa Dura, a street style salsa focussed on interpreting the rich musical compositions of the genre. As they improvise according to information provided by the music and a partner, students develop their own style. Over the past 16 years, Miko has taught for dance companies, studios, universities, colleges and high schools, and participated in all kinds of events and fund-raisers across Canada.

Growing up in the little towns of Venezuela, Mexico and Spain, Miko was exposed to and deeply affected by Afro-Venezuelan, Latin-Caribbean and Spanish popular culture. His theatrical career began at the age of seven, while always being involved in the cultural dances of the regions where he happened to be living. Art has been essential to his reality—especially the performing arts. The streets of his hometowns were the perfect school for his salsa dance training, where dancing is more than social entertainment. There, dancing is a way for individuals and society to cope with hardship and express their everyday reality. In dance, struggle, hope and dreams are channelled together to perfectly reflect identity.

Since arriving in Toronto in 1994, Miko has had the opportunity to work with many contemporary choreographers such as Denise Fujiwara, Claudia Moore, Maxine Heppner, Pam Johnson, Alejandro Ronceria, Learie McNicolls, and Karen Kaeja. He has also worked with Montreal choreographers Catherine Tardif, Francine Gagné , and Victor Quijada, as well as dance-theatre companies including Corpus and Sound Image Theatre.


This month’s Milonga 2-3 at Studio DANZoN on Saturday, April 11 features the return of DJ Michael and ice-cream!


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